Remedy Mixed Case

Mix it up, mix it up YEAH!

We got you.

High fives all round to the amazing Remedy fermentary gurus who have slogged their guts out to bring you…..drum roll please…….a Remedy Kombucha Mixed Case!

We’ve lost count of how many DMs and emails we’ve received asking ‘when are you going to do a mixed case???’

Well Remedy fans that time is now so don’t disappoint us…there’s only limited stock available so be sure to get in quick before they sell out. And you know what to do if you want to see a Remedy Mixed Case become a permanent feature in our shop – buy it!

What’s in it?

Top sellers for your taste buds, the best of the best, the yummiest of the yummers…you get what we’re saying.

Each case contains two delicious 330ml bottles of our top selling flavours including tingly tangy Lemon Lime & Mint, fresher than a fresh prince Apple Crisp, ripe ‘n’ ready Raspberry Lemonade, zingy zesty Ginger Lemon, fruity floral Cherry Plum and luscious Peach.

Perfect for?

  • Commitment phobes – you’re a bit fickle with your fav flavs. You like to change ‘it’ up. One day you’re in a fiery and feisty Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon kinda mood, the next you’re getting all delicate and delightful with Remedy Kombucha Peach. We can’t keep up! Who even are you? Satisfy that thirsty booch beast inside, do yourself a flavour and buy a mixed case.
  • Booch noobs – not sure which Remedy Kombucha flavour to try first? Ride the Remedy rainbow and tickle your tastebuds with our bestsellers. Then go DEEP and grab yourself a whole case of your fav flav. Or keep buying mixed cases. Whatever. We just want you to be happy.
  • Giftage – seriously who wouldn’t be cheered, nay, chuffed to receive a Remedy Kombucha Mixed Case. Thoughtful, flavourful AND the best way to get a good golly gut-full of delicious tasty booch. (Making you officially the best friend, mum, dad, daughter, son, boss EVER).


So, we’ve heeded your (LOUD) calls for mixed cases and now you know what to do – ride that Remedy rainbow and SHOP!