Fridge Goals

Sneak a peek inside a nutritionist’s fridge

There’s no use denying it. We all love a good snoop.

And while we certainly aren’t innocent of falling down a rabbit-hole of on an old flame’s insta account or losing a couple of hours trawling for interior inspo on design blog home tours, here at Team Remedy our fave place to snoop is… a fridge. It’s a place of inspiration, discovery, sometimes validation, and – let’s face it – often motivation, to up our own fridge game.

For the ultimate inspiration, we look to Remedy Nutritionist, Jacqueline Alwill, who has kindly flung open the door of her fridge and let us interrogate… erh, we mean interview, her about its contents.

Before you go rolling your eyes at the wonder to behold that is this fridge, Jacq does admit it’s not always this wonderfully stocked or neat, since she’s always cooking, raiding it and moving things around. But she assures us it does pretty correctly represent the staples that are coming and going all the time, and the general colour spectrum i.e. pretty much a rainbow!

Okay Jacq, take us through the full line up of what you’re currently stocking in your fridge and why!

    As a nutritionist and keen cook with a wholefoods-based catering business, this is a given! My favourite fresh staples include lemons (always!), carrots, rocket, tomatoes and avocado. I also grow herbs which means there’s always something on hand to give a dish a little extra boost.
    … in all of the flavours (because my favourite changes depending on the day). I see this as such an easy way to include fermented foods in the diet, especially at this time of the year. Feeding the good bacteria in our gut can then combat the bad bacteria we come into contact with increasingly over winter. My son Jet is also a big fan and I love treating him daily with a drink that’s so good for him!
  • KRAUT:
    My love of fermented products doesn’t stop with kombucha. I am also a big fan of sauerkraut. You can make it yourself or pick one up from the fridge of a health food store or grocer. I integrate into my diet daily through fritters, wraps or even just on the side. I’ve even been known to have a small portion of kraut as a snack!
    I’m also a sucker for anything pickled. Aside from being so tasty, it’s also a great way to reduce food waste!
    I am testing these for my catering and home delivery menu, but coming into the cooler months, having soups on hand is a no brainer for quick, hearty nourishment.
    … because they are a great source of healthy fats and plant-based protein that can be added to all sorts of recipes for an extra boost of nutrition, from muffins to smoothies!
    … for snacking or again, adding an extra boost to any host of recipes and dishes.
    If I’m in need of a mid-afternoon snack, hummus paired with crispy fresh carrot sticks is an easy, healthy go-to.
    I love getting creative with gelatin which is full of restorative nutrients to improve gut health and digestion, deliver collagen to the cells to build elasticity in the skin, build proteins in the body via its unique amino acid profile and help reduce inflammation and joint immobility.
    I have made my own in the past, but these days there are so many great unsweetened brands of almond milk around. I always have a supply on hand for smoothies, cooked porridge, blending into icy poles or making our favourite almond milk hot chocolate. So good!
    One of nature’s most nourishing foods! Eggs are a reliable source of nutrition, particularly amino acids of which they contain all essential amino acids which the body requires to build proteins.

Thanks Jacq! For more #fridgegoals inspiration, pop over to the @remedydrinks insta where we have shared stacks more. And if you’re looking to Remedy your own fridge, you can get started by stocking up on some gut loving goodness from our online shop!