Sporteluxe Sugar Content Comparison

What’s the deal with sugar in kombucha?

We all know sugar sucks, right? In case you missed the memo, scientists, doctors and all other health professionals alike are in agreement that too much sugar in our diets is the culprit behind a whole host of problems when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

We’re talking really basic and fairly immediate affects like weight gain through to major risks relating to diabetes and heart disease. Just recently, new research and modelling showed that cutting down sugar in soft drinks alone in Australia would save 155,000 lives and $8 billion!

So what’s the deal with sugar in kombucha? As you may know, sugar is one of the initial ingredients that goes into making kombucha, however the beauty of the live cultures in real kombucha is that they eat up all the sugar during the natural fermentation process. BUT, not all kombuchas are created equal.

As the amazing peeps over at the wellness website mecca that is Sporteluxe put it, “Kombucha gets the side-eye from some wellness experts who believe some brands contain too much sugar.”

So, the Sporteluxe team decided to give you all a hand and do the research for you. SPOILER ALERT: Our very own Remedy Kombucha was awarded MVP. Find out why and how others stack up here.

How is it that Remedy has no sugar? We conduct a long-aged brewing process, taking our time to brew out ALL of the sugar, not just some of it. We even test every batch to make sure. This is why we are the only kombucha have an official tick of approval from Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Recommends program.